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it's really funny. i saw this on memebase before i saw it here. not trying to claim stolen.

not bad

that's a very nice lawn you have there. it would be a shame it something were to happen to it...

i felt the need to comment on this

not bad, but can use some work. art was a little lacking, but you did make it look good, even though you use templates most of the time.the voices were ok, but also could've been better.overall, seems like a good start to a series

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not bad

but it's kinda "similar" to sift heads. some of the guns don't fire when you want them to either.


thwe game it's self plays pretty well. the music could've been better, but was acceptible.the jumping is a bit unreasponsive though, make the part with the flying rocks annoying.the main chracter being a pychotic-looking furry also made the game a little uncomforting. no offense to your art skills

BobSpeekFlash responds:

even if I put music of other artists, they complain! The character design was done so on purpose and i don't have intentions for changing it.
but ... thank you for an opinion, I'll improve, but at least you went to the third phase? if you have not gone yet, go to the third stage and listen the music
now heard and did not like, is your taste and I respect


not too bad for your first try, but not the best game etheir. you seem to have a good understanding of flash, and this is good for a first, but try practicing a little more.

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this sounds like something strait out of a madness flash. very nice but gets a little reptitive

ZuneInc responds:

drumNbass usually is a bit repetetive but i try to make it rich and full so it wont become dull. Thanks for the comment!

this song

contains epic win

Qelaion responds:

Your review contains the same. Thanks.

pretty good

but making somthing dedicated to the death of a game server seems a little obsessive. the song would've been a lot better if it wasn't for that roar thing

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really cool color scheme. this must've take quite a long time to draw.

pretty good

I would've rated it a 4, but instead I scouted

PsychoZombii responds:

oh wow, thanks!

way better than my art

this WON'T get 0 bombed

Syringes responds:

Thank yoou. : D

It might not, but judging by its ratings so far its been 0ed a couple times D:

this is the only life you get, try not to screw it up, ok?

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