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I got the l96, and now i have the most powerful gun in the neighborhood!

It was also full metal


2011-05-16 18:43:44 by tornadodude6

Its all most my birthday! Im having trouble decideing what I want for my brithday. Should I get the l96 sniper or the AUG submachine gun?

rank up and contacting!

2011-05-04 21:41:34 by tornadodude6

just ranked up! now I can blam 6% harder! also figured out how to go to someone's page who hasn't done anything! go to my friend sparten1337's profile!

here's a free p30 to express my discovies!

rank up and contacting!

pico day

2011-04-30 10:58:10 by tornadodude6

I thought this got canceled in 2007... oh well.

level up!

2011-04-23 17:47:36 by tornadodude6

now I can blam 2 % harder!

Anyone else notice there's been like 15 sonic-related flashes submitted today? and almost all of them are crap?


2011-04-18 20:35:13 by tornadodude6

lots of crap submissions lately

just joined newgrounds

2011-04-16 13:54:40 by tornadodude6

gonna get flash soon and work on some stuff